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Control all the actions of your mobile device with a Mouse or Trackball

Ease Mouse

Ease Mouse allows to the user to make use of a mobile device by using any kind of mouse used for accessing a computer. It provides powerful features to simplify the use of the mouse pointer on Android devices.

Dwell click

Makes click without needing to press any button.

Gestures made easy

Most common gestures (e.g. tap, double tap, drag, swipe, pinch, etc.) can be performed with just one click.


A big cross makes the cursor more visible.


Ease Joystick works for tablets and smartphones with Android 7.0 or higher.

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How it works?

An on-screen menu allows you to choose the desired gesture or another action to perform. You can go back or home, open notifications, show running Apps, zoom in and out, scroll contents and perform swipe or pinch gestures, for instance.

Dwell click

Dwell click

Once the cursor is stopped, it starts a countdown and the click is performed when the dwell time is over. A big cross gradually shrinks providing feedback to the user.

Standard click

Standard click

Standard click using the left button.

Ease click

Ease click

To avoid undesired clicks as a result of tremors or other causes, it is possible to set a time the user must maintain pressed the button before accepting a click and another time interval after the click is performed in which new button presses are ignored.


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Ease Mouse action menu screenshot
Ease Mouse scrolling mode screenshot
Ease Mouse screenshot featuring settings screen