Ease Touch

Ease Touch

Control your device with a single finger, even with dexterity problems

With Ease Touch you could perform –by using just one finger– all those actions that allow you to control the mobile device. It captures all touches on the screen, distinguish voluntary touches from non-voluntary ones, and allows you to perform most standard gestures (e.g. tap, double tap, drag, swipe, pinch, etc.).

If you are a person with a traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, parkinsons, essential tremors; or you are a relative, caregiver or assistive technology professional, this App might be of your interest.

How it works?

It provides three modes to remove undesired touches:

Accept on release mode

Accept on release mode

Once the finger starts touching the screen it can be moved freely without triggering any action. A big cross show you the position of your finger. When your release the finger, the action is immediately executed.
Accept by time mode

Accept by time mode

Like the previous one, but when the finger is released a visible countdown is started. When the countdown expires, the action is executed. If you touch the screen again during the countdown, the action is canceled.
Hold to accept mode

Hold to accept mode

To perform an action, you must keep touching the screen until the countdown expires. If you move the finger or release it, the countdown is canceled.
app  screenshot
An on-screen menu allows you to choose the desired gesture or another action to perform. You can go back or home, open notifications, show running Apps, zoom in and out, scroll contents and perform swipe or pinch gestures, for instance.


Works on tablets and smartphones with Android 7.0 or higher. Does NOT require any external hardware.


Ease Touch main screen screenshot
Ease Touch action menu screenshot
Ease Touch pinch gesture screenshot
Ease Touch settings screenshot
Link to Ease Touch in the Play Store

We are a group of professionals, from different areas, who have in common a long journey in the field of disability and cerebral palsy.

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