EVA Facial Mouse PRO

EVA Facial Mouse PRO

Control your smartphone hands-free by just moving your face

EVA tracks your face movements using the front camera and artificial vision techniques. A mouse pointer allows you to control all the actions of your device.


Use your smartphone by just moving your head without touching the screen.

Gesture generation

You can perform the most common gestures (e.g. tap, double-tap, long press, swipe, and pinch) to control your device.


Pointer speed, motion acceleration and smoothness, dwelling time, and many other variables can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Easy to use

The configuration wizard guides you after the installation to get started as soon as possible.

No additional hardware

EVA leverages all the power of your smartphone camera and processor.

Voice commands

Use your voice to directly execute most actions without using the menus.

Link to Google Play

EVA is intended for those people who cannot use a touchscreen. For instance, some people with amputations, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or other disabilities may benefit from this app.

How it works?

Face tracking

Face tracking

The frontal camera of your smartphone or tablet detects your face and tracks it accurately. The motion of your head is used to move a pointer on the screen.

Dwell click

Dwell click

Once the pointer is stopped, it starts a countdown and the click is performed when the dwell time is over.

Action menu

Action menu

An on-screen menu allows you to choose the desired gesture or another action to perform. You can go back or home, open notifications, show running apps, zoom in and out, scroll contents and perform swipe or pinch gestures, for instance.

Smartphone showing an EVA Facial screenshot


EVA PRO screenshot showing the sensitivity adjustment screen
Action menu screen
Screenshot depicting how to make a pinch gesture
Screenshot depicting the prerequisites screen
Link to Google Play

We are a group of professionals, from different areas, who have in common a long journey in the field of disability and cerebral palsy.

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