These questions and answers refer to Ease Touch, Ease Mouse and Ease Joypad (hereinafter, the “App”).


Q: I try to zoom in a picture on Instagram, but it doesn't work properly. It enlarges the picture briefly but then returns to its original size. What I can do?

A: Is the same as manually performing the zoom gesture: you need to pinch and hold the gesture to zoom on the photo. As far as we know, this behavior cannot be modified. This, in addition, to annoy some users, introduces an accessibility barrier for other people. The only alternative solution we have found is to use the web version of Instagram.


Q: I experience certain strange behaviors that may include:

  • The application worked for me the first time, then I closed it and I can't use it again, even reinstalling.
  • The app stops working or restarts suddenly without prior notice.
  • Enabling the accessibility service has no effect.

A: It seems some manufacturers try to provide their own "smart energy-saving" techniques which are actually pretty dumb and end up killing some apps just for the sake of power-saving. Many popular brands are affected by this problem including Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei, among others.

In general, there are some workarounds to sort this out. Unfortunately, these are specific for each brand, even for some specific versions and thus it is impossible for us to provide generic instructions :-(

On the following website, you can find updated information about these problems and specific instructions on how to solve them. If you follow these instructions, please, let us know if them worked for you.



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