Digital Explorers with Ease Apps. Video summary

Digital Explorers with Ease Apps. Video summary

In this video we summarize the Digital Explorers with Ease Apps project and show you its participants. 


In this project we validated that the Ease Apps are useful for the #conecta2xaccesibilidad community. To do so, structured and free use tests have been conducted at the ASPACE Catalunya Foundation, at the Provincial Association of Cerebral Palsy of Tarragona and at the Spanish Parkinson’s Federation.

From these tests derived the improvements that allowed us to release the applications. In the definition of the tests, people with disabilities were involved. Also, from the video workshop of Badalona (of the ASPACE Catalunya Foundation), they have helped us recording and editing the videos of the process.

Ease Apps allow people with disabilities to perform the required gestures to use Android mobile devices with the input system that works best for them. Thus, Ease Touch modifies the touchscreen behavior to make it more accessible for those who have dystonia or tremors providing the accuracy they need using a finger or stylus. Ease Mouse allows those who already use a mouse for the PC, to access the smartphone, even without requiring an additional button to make click. Finally, Ease Joypad allows users of joysticks or switch interfaces, to use the smartphone.

Mr. Francisco only used his smartphone – having a hard time – to call his relatives. The launching of the project widened his horizons to a greater number of applications such as reading the press, searching for information or using WhatsApp. Now, he can access the smarphone much more calmly and easily with Ease Touch, especially when using the keyboard.

(Rubén) “Thanks to Ease Touch and the Vodafone Foundation I can easily access the smartphone”.

In this project we have shown that, for the #conecta2xaccesibilidad community, Ease Apps can be a tool that eases the use of mobile devices, especially for those with motor impairments. The project itself has also shown to the participant organizations that they can start training activities to use mobile devices as part of their intervention programs.

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