Ruben: “Now I can use my mobile phone by myself”

ruben on his wheelchair smiling

In this post we bring you the Ruben’s testimonial. He tells us how his experience with Ease Mouse is.

ruben on his wheelchair smiling

Ruben is one of those people cheerfulvital, who radiates good vibes. Due to his cerebral palsy he has many motor and oral articulation difficulties. However, this does not prevent him from giving talks in primary and secondary schools, winning trophies playing Boccia, acting in theater or writing rock songs lyrics, among many other things.

Collage of images featuring Ruben giving a lecture, acting and celebrating a trophy

He has always liked technology. Since he was very young, he regularly uses the computer, both at home and in the workshop of the Provincial Association of Cerebral Palsy (APPC) to which he regularly attends. He browses the Internet, listens to music, enters his Facebook, replies emails, etc. To do this, he uses a regular keyboard with a keyguard that also allows him to control the mouse pointer.

ruben using windows tablet with a keyguard

It could be said that the access to the Information technology (IT) was solved for him. This was true until the massive spread of smartphones and mobile devices, whose touch screen based interaction is practically unfeasible for Ruben. As a solution, he chose to operate his phone from the computer through a remote control program. This solved the access problem but at the expense of limited portability.

When we started the Ease Apps project and, particularly, when we outlined the Digital Explorers with Ease Apps project, it was clear, we wanted Ruben to join and, fortunately for us, he gladly accepted. Initially, we proposed Ease Touch as a possible solution. In the following video you can see Ruben using his smartphone with Ease Touch.

There is no doubt that Ease Touch was a positive step forward. But then a much better proposal emerged: to use of the joystick of his wheelchair to control his phone. This required a BJOY Ring device and Ease Mouse.

The result was terrific and now Ruben can use his smartphone anywhere and with complete autonomy.

Ruben using his smartphone with ease mouse and bjoy ring

Below we reproduce the interview (translated from Spanish) that he and people close to him gave to us.

Q: How has the application changed the use of the smartphone?

A: Now I can use the mobile by myself. Not before. With Ease Mouse and the device (BJOY Ring) we installed in the wheelchair I use the phone every day.

Q: Do you use it differently?

A: Yes. I hardly used it before. I only used it with the help of another person.

Q: Do you do new things with your smartphone?

A: Yes. I use WhatsApp, Facebook Lite, Instagram and, above all, I can make missed calls.

Q: What do you think could be improved?

A: I am not sure.

Q: What other things would you like to do with the smartphone?

A: Currently, I do many things. I am happy.

Professionals also make their assessments:

Q: Did you imagine that the user could use the smartphone?

A: Actually, I thought it would be complicated.

Q: Does he use it in the center?

A: Yes, but in general in the center he only uses it when performing some activities related with the project. He uses it mostly at home.

peer of Ruben at the APPC:

Q: Are you together in WhatsApp group or social network?

A: I write a blog and Ruben reads it. He is also one of my Facebook friends.

His father also answered our questions:

Q: What do you think your son has the cell phone?

A: It think it’s perfect. He has more communication options.

Q: Since he’s using application, have you observed any change or improvement in personal relationships?

A: We could say yes. Now he is able to hold conversations through WhatsApp with family and friends. Thanks to Ease Mouse he can use all communication applications (Facebook, messenger, etc.) that, previously, he could not do autonomously

Q: In which situations does he use it more?

A: In principle he can use it everywhere and it gives him more autonomy. Before that he was limited to the use of the PC at home.

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