Ease Apps A commitment to social innovation

It seems obvious that, currently, most people live connected to the rest of the world through a mobile device. The smartphone changed the way in which we interact with other people. We share information in real time, get the answers to many questions, consume leisure and, at the same time, the smartphone is a work tool at the tips of our fingers.

Smartphones might seem intuitive and easy to use. Even someone can say that many people can not live without them. However, some people are deprived of its usage (with all the implications that this has) because of their specific access needs.


What is Ease Apps?

The Ease Apps project was born after observing how difficult is to use a mobile device for people with certain disabilities. Ease Apps is a set of apps for Android that tries to address the specific needs of these people, effectively breaking the barriers to the smartphone.

In an effort to try offer maximum adaptability to our audience, we created three apps: Ease Touch, Ease Mouse and Ease Joypad.




About us

We are a group of professionals, from different areas, who have in common a long journey in the field of disability and cerebral palsy. Through our experience, linked to the development and technological assessment for people with disabilities, we come to some conclusions that served as the inspiration to launch the Ease Apps project:

  • The need to advance in the field of social innovation.
  • The need for technological advances to make people’s lives easier.
  • The need that these advances should be enjoyed by anyone and, therefore, adapted to any group of people.


What do we pursue with the creation of Ease Apps?


The philosophy behind Ease Apps, and our commitment to this social innovation initiative, is to guarantee the access to mobile devices for people with disabilities. Our intention is to offer them this new way of interacting with the world, the same as many of us carry out in a daily basis.